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McContrary: KKK Endorses John McCain?

Burning Cross “…I think it’s very clear who Hamas wants to be the next president of the United States.” — Senator John McCain [Source: Huffington Post]

“I’m going to raise the level of political dialog in America,” McCain, R-Ariz., said at a campaign rally in central Michigan, “and I’m going to treat my opponents with respect and demand that they treat me with respect.” — Senator John McCain [Source: ABC News]

Most Americans might conclude that a member of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) would vote for John McCain over Barack Obama in the 2008 election given the atrocious, historic practices of the KKK; however, from casual reading of any one of the many online KKK forums today, most Americans would be surprised to find that the KKK is not necessarily a friend of John McCain.

Nevertheless, McBush3.com has learned from an anonymous source inside the KKK that many of their members do clearly prefer John McCain over Barak Obama for the next president of the United States despite strong, internal opposition to McCain’s immigration policy.

Does this make Senator John McCain a domestic terroist ally or unworthy of a vote due to an endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan? Of course not. Nor does the endorsement of Obama by Hamas make the honorable United States Senator of Illinois, Barack Obama, a friend, ally or cohort of a foreign terrorist organization.

McGive me a break.

“I’m going to raise the level of political dialog in America,” — Senator John McCain (McFibber)

McDissapointed in McCain.


McSneaky: What are the McCain’s Hiding?

Cindy McCain will never make her tax returns publicFormer first lady Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had no problem releasing her tax returns to the public.

Michelle Obama, a potential first lady, released her tax returns with her husband’s as well.

However, Mrs. John McCain, heiress to a beer fortune and potential first lady, refuses to ever make public her McCain share of their wealth as reported in her US tax returns.  Cindy McCain has an estimated worth in excess of $100 million US Dollars–that’s a lot of beer.

From Yahoo! News:

WASHINGTON – Cindy McCain says she will never make her tax returns public even if her husband wins the White House and she becomes the first lady.

…Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Cindy McCain’s refusal to release her tax returns gives the appearance of a double standard on the part of her husband.

“What is John McCain trying to hide?” Dean said in a statement. “Throughout this campaign, he has acted like his own calls for openness and accountability apply to everyone but himself. Now he thinks he can bring that same double standard to the White House.”

The Bush-McCain Challenge

McCain Loves Bush...I'd rather be Gay.I just took The Bush-McCain Challenge — an online quiz to see if you can tell the difference between George W. Bush and John McCain. Check it out, and see if you can do any better than I did!

::  http://Bush-McCainChallenge.com/?rc=challenge-friends&r_id=

Mc = Bush(3)


McCain Loves Bush...I'd rather be Gay. It doesn’t take a genius to know that John McCain would be a third term for the failed policies of George W. Bush.

America needs change in leadership; America needs fresh eyes to look at the world as it is now.

Republicans settled for their candidate. The democrats are fighting for theirs.

Coming soon: www.bushrepublican.com

Meanwhile, take the Bush-McCainChallenge to see if you know the difference between George & John.